CCSCNE 2003 April 25-26, 2003
(Programming Contest Registration.  Must be accompanied by student registrations
for each team member.  A team can have a maximum of three members.)
If you, as team advisor, are going to the conference please register using the 

Attendee’s registration form.
Advisor should mail this registration form and the student registration forms with check or P.O.  for $50 made out to  CCSC (Consortium for Computer Sciences in Colleges) to: 
Timothy Huang,
Math & Computer Science Department
Middlebury College 
Middlebury, VT 05753 

Name of advisor:
Work Phone:
Home Phone:


City, State, ZIP:
If you know who the members of your team will be, please fill in their names and email addresses below.  If you do not know all the names yet, fill the unknown ones in with generic names (e.g. Team Member Z) and your email address. Student registration forms for both known and generic team members must accompany this form.
Team Member 1: name:______________________________
email: _________________
Team Member 2: name: _____________________________
email: _________________
Team Member 3: name: _____________________________
email: _________________
If it is possible to have second teams from schools, do you want a second team? (Circle one)
          YES             NO