Welcome to the 13th conference of the CCSCNE.  This year’s committee has prepared a set of activities that should appeal to students and teachers of Computer Science. All of us owe a debt to this group, which along with the Board of CCSCNE has met twice in Staten Island to plan this meeting. 

We are pleased this year to have plenary talks by Brian Kernighan, Princeton University, and Mary Beth Rosson, Pennsylvania State University. As in past years, the proceedings will be published in the Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges and in the ACM Digital Library. The Conference sessions also include several panels and tutorials. This year, we have three pre-conference workshops.  You can read about them in this program. And, of course, we have our student contests. Our poster session is one of the largest at any CCSC conference and the same is true for our programming contest.  Be sure to visit the poster session before the social hour and listen at the banquet for the winners of the student events.

Adrian Ionescu, Wagner College
Conference Chair