Registration Program (pdf) Programming Contest
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Programming Contest Rules

These rules are derived from the ACM programming contest's.


Team Coach
A faculty member who is the official contact for the team and certifies that the team members are eligible. The coach must be registered to attend the conference.
3 Students
Each student must be at least a half-time student at the institution being represented and must have first started post secondary education no earlier than 8 years before the contest is held. If a student does not meet these eligibility criteria the coach may request a waiver. Students must register to attend the conference.

Conduct of the Contest:

Scoring of the Contest:

Contest Computing Environment:


If irregularities or misconduct are observed during the contest, please bring this to the attention of contest officials as soon as possible.

National Partners

National Science Foundation, Panasonic Solutions Company, Turingscraft, Wiley


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